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Scraps of Encouragement

Psalm 4:8
Last year, my husband and I took a class based on the book Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson and Steve Goss.  The Holy Spirit continues to use what we learned in that class to transform our lives, including our environment.

One of many challenging and convicting points of the book and class was that everything in your home either glorifies God and encourages/edifies you, or is a door through which Satan can pour destructive, corrupting influence.  So we asked for the Holy Spirit’s help in identifying and eliminating any ungodly objects or designs, and for guidance and inspiration in what should replace them.  We want our Heavenly Father to look on our home and be pleased. 

We now have reminders of and messages from Him in every room.  It has been a complete joy to make these, and it is for His glory that I share them with you.    

Psalm 46:10
On a variety of white and cream colored fabric scraps, I applied layers of watered-down plain and glitter craft paint, and back stitched over words written with water soluble pen or pencil.  
Frames came from yard sales and thrift stores, as did a piece of metal “ribbon” that to me resembled silvery confetti and therefore conveyed joy exploding from the picture:

from Nehemiah 8:10
Like our lives, our home is a work in progress, a pale reflection of the glorious one awaiting us in Heaven.  But each day offers new opportunities to more fully represent and bring glory to God our Father in the world—and at home.     


  1. What a beautiful way to adorn your home with God's word! Well done!
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment at Harvest Lane Cottage. I had not thought of my blog as my Ebenezer stone, but it is.

    God bless!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura, thank you for your kind words. Your blog is a blessing, full of God's much needed wisdom, encouragement and love. Grace and peace to you!


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